Welcome to Carolyne Buchanan Art.

How do you do commissions?

When someone approaches me to have a picture of their pet done, one of the first questions is: “Will you paint it from a photo?” -Yes, of course! is the answer as I have not yet managed to keep MY dog still, I am certain I couldn’t keep yours from moving long enough to paint him/her either. Although, I have been told that I paint rather quickly.

So… After I receive about 4 to 6 photos (people always send more as they LOVE their animals) I choose one or two that most always have great eye/face representation and play around from there -edit, crop, choose a background…  Then, I make my decision.fullsizeoutput_108c

I usually advise on a size/shape canvass to get the best results. After we (client and I) decide on a size, the fun begin.

I start with the negative space (the part that the subject is not in) and then move on to the subject. I usually start with the darkest spots but this is not always the case. Then, move on to the rest. Sometimes, the eyes are the last to go into the painting so, it’s kinda weird to see a dog/cat with no eyes.

Usually, I finish the portrait without client input as I love surprises. However, if the client does not, I communicate with them though-out the process.

All of my paintings come “hanging ready”, are done with Golden Paints on professional quality gallery wrapped canvases and, are coated to protect them*.

If you would like a portrait done, please contact me.

*To protect and further it’s longevity, all artwork should be hung away from direct sunlight.